Nordic Hazardlands 2019 #2


Fargfabriken:  Updated December 20, 2018.

January Färgfabriken workshop: Dates?
Should we present, or even activate the projects we initiated in Istanbul, can some of them be made relevant to Stockholm? i could see all four of them  becoming a public thing, but we would need some ideas about title, poster, etc.
—i am very impressed with the 15 year old girl Greta Thunberg who told off all the old guys that they were very useless on the environment in Poland. i think it would be great to target a disaster workshop for teenagers like her. any ideas?
finally i think we should do something on the local Cimenta site, following Gerda’s research, something we could bring a local audience together.
it would be great if someone or a few of you would come back with some ideas.
—Umea: week 13. now we are planning to go up on sunday 24 march night train direct to Kiruna. spend one night in Kiruna and then go down to Umea. this way we can have evening seminars wednesday and thursday, and finish mid afternoon on Friday. we will have some faculty partners and some UMA students joining us.  the seminars will be a collaborative effort between Daniel Urey, UMA faculty headed by Marie Kraft, and our course R-Lab. Goethe Institute will be sponsoring two speakers.
the basic premise of the workshop is to continue the Makerspace concept we began in Istanbul. but instead of micro artisan workshops we will be in the land of big wood factories, big wood harvesting, paper, big mining, river transport,  maybe resins production and plastics, and of course many critical issues dealing with the countryside unfolding. We will have the Umea university working spaces for our use and we could make things there. of course we could make mystical stuff, charms and amulets, but also huts boats etc. just need to take into account the short amount of time.
and finally these developments will be folded into  Fargfabriken in May, weeks 21 and 22.