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Art of Disaster Interrupted Workshop Calendar.

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Previous calendar notes:

September 4.

r-Lab Marvels and Catastrophes: The Big Story: Earth Moving Events.

Presentations by Dougald Hine and Jennifer Rainsford

17:30 to 20:00. snacks provided bring your own if you will be hungry.

Distribution of R-lab books from 2017-18.


September 5.

Morning: Please Register for the course in the main lobby.

10:00 AM Morning:Guided tour of RIA School for r-Lab students .NEW LOCATION: Hus 28


September 5.

13:30- 15:00 Biologiska Museet, Hazeliusporten 2, 115 21 Stockholm. Djurgården in Stockholm

16:00 TBA

17:30 Meeting with Daniel Urey, ARKLAB. on the Spring semester’s countryside disaster schedule.

17:45 – 19:30 Intro to Course: The Mother of All Disasters. and a preliminary discussion on the Design Biennial Istanbul.


September 6.

All day: Register for course

13:30 to 17:30 Office Hours for visits and discussions about your own work…

17: 30 to 19:30 R-Lab Pedagogies, Methodologies, and Mapping.


September 7.

All day: Register for course.

17:30 – open session on bibliography and filmography.


Art of Disaster: Istanbul Design Workshop.

Travel period: 13 to 19 October.


Workshop dates: 14-18 October.


Workshop partners:


School of Schools, 4th Design Biennial, Istanbul.


Ayse Erek, Kadir Has University.


Asli Kiyak, Bigli University



ARKLAB, EKOTOP, ARKDES (The Future Starts Here) and a trip to Onkalo Finland.