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thanks to Justinas Dūdėnas for producing the videos for the Art of Disasters Interrupted Workshop:

The Big Story: Earth Moving Events.

September 4, 17:30 -20:30

R-Lab Marvels and Catastrophes opens the academic year with a special back to back presentation of two impressive storytellers, Dougald Hine and Jennifer Rainsford. Each will present their work, and join in a discussion on building narratives around very big earth moving events.

marvels_talk_4_09_18_a – http://www.kkh.se/rlab-open/marvels_talk_4_09_18_a.mp4

marvels_talk_4_09_18_b – http://www.kkh.se/rlab-open/marvels_talk_4_09_18_b.mp4

marvels_talk_4_09_18_c – http://www.kkh.se/rlab-open/marvels_talk_4_09_18_c.mp4

Backstage at the Biologiska Museet Link