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The Big Story: Earth Moving Events.

September 4, 17:30 -20:30

R-Lab Marvels and Catastrophes opens the academic year with a special back to back presentation of two impressive storytellers, Dougald Hine and Jennifer Rainsford. Each will present their work, and join in a discussion on building narratives around very big earth moving events.

Dougald Hine is a writer, thinker and teacher who is at least
partially responsible for the creation of organisations including the
Dark Mountain Project, Spacemakers agency and – most recently – a
school called HOME. From 2015-16, he served as leader of artistic
development at Riksteatern, Sweden’s national touring theatre.
Together with Anders Duus, Ninna Tersmann and Jesper Weithz he wrote
the play Medan Klockan Tickar (While the Clock is Ticking) for the
Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm. He teaches regularly at the Centre
for Environment and Development Studies (Uppsala), the Kaospilots
school (Aarhus), as well as universities, art and architecture schools
around Europe. Originally from the north-east of England, he is now
based in central Sweden. dougald.nu


Jennifer Rainsford, is a visual artist and director working with film. For the last five years, focusing on life in places going through large scale environmental changes. The documentary Stories from the Debris, follows the aftermath seven years of the tsunami in Japan in 2011, the film will be completed and premiered in 2019. The hybrid sci-fi Birds in Space made in Collaboration with Lena Bergendahl is about life for a father and son on one of Jupiters moons 150 years in the future, as life on Earth no longer exists. It premiered at Gothenburg IFF 2018 where she also premiered her latest short film When I Die the World Ends. She has participated with projects in Berlinale talents and Feature Expanded, and shown her work as video installations internationally at museums such as Hong Gah Museum in Taipei and Museum Abteiberg in Düsseldorf. She has also worked as a journalist and documentary filmmaker at the cult TV-show Tracks on Arte in Paris.

Link: http://jenniferrainsford.se/