Workshop Istanbul: the Baston group



This is a walking stick inspired by the shepherd´s crook from the village of Rio de Onor on the border between Portugal and Spain. The shepherd’s stick had marks on it that functioned as a map of the village where carved signs and notations were made regarding economics and administration issues.

The shape of the stick presented here is a topological representation of a walk through Istanbul from one Han to another. The golden horn is represented as a carved ring and the Fatih side with a simplified medusa head as a reference to the Basilica Cistern. The Han, a cluster of workshops, represent a social community and can also be a site where to find water and essential provisions. In a post apocalyptic world we might need means of communication and navigation that are durable, simple and possibly coded.

Ana Barata Martins

Gerda Persson

Bo Pilo

Woodturning by Master Ismael

Wood carving by Master Mustafa