WORKSHOP REPORT: upside down in Istanbul.



The Art of Disaster Interrupted Workshop focuses on Istanbul and how the city reacts to the unpredictable, the improvised and the unprecedented events that are commonplace in this age of general uncertainty.  The workshop, produced for the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial –A School of Schools and the Royal Institute of Art Stockholm, will be based in the Arter, which hosts the Earth School, and will extend into the vibrant artisanal neighbourhood of Sishane and other locations around greater Istanbul. The workshop will bring together local experts, specialists, students and professional associates for a 4-day intensive exchange of ideas, imaginaries and creative processes that will culminate in a public presentation on October 18, from 13:00 to 19:00 at the Earth School in Arter.

The Art of Disaster Interrupted Workshop intends to nurture and or create a number of micro-interruptions that might anticipate, forewarn or possibly ignore the consequences of prolonged human activities and in-activities in the region’s urban and natural environments.

The Art of Disaster Interrupted Workshop is directed by Peter Lang in cooperation with Ayse Erek, Aslı Kıyak İngin, and Serkan Taycan, and with the support of the Curators Jan Boelen and Vera Sacchetti, and the coordination of Eylül Şenses.

CREDITS: With the support of the following institutions: Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm KKH, 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, a School of Schools, IKSV, the Swedish Research Institute SRII. Guest Participants: Aslı Kıyak İngin, Ayse Erek, Serkan Taycan, Emre Hüner. Craftsmen: Artin Aharon (Harunlar Mekanik), Mustafa Yasak (Yasa Oyma), İsmail Hız (Mert Torna), Zafer Uğurluol (Uğurlu Neon), Tur Reklam. Advisors: Daniel Urey ARKLAB, Pelin Tan, University of Cyprus, Magnus Ericson IASPIS.

Art of Disasters Interrupted, the Workshop.

REPORT: upside down in Istanbul.

Peter Lang. NOVEMBER 4, 2018.

Summary of the Report: The Workshop was launched on Sunday October 14, inside Orhan Pamuk’s Museum of Innocence. The R-Lab student participants, and local students from Bilgi and Kadir Has universities along with local guest faculty were present. Monday morning 15 October, Asli Kiyak presented at the Arter classroom her research and practice on the Şişhane crafts district, the “metal jungle”. In the afternoon Asli gave a tour of the wood, ceramic, plastic, neon and metal workshops. The students broke down into 4 groups and began developing their workshop projects. Tuesday Ayse Erek met the students at the Arter classroom and presented a selection of internationally renowned Turkish artists including Gülsün Karamustafa. We also were joined by Emre Hüner, artist and photographer based in Istanbul. Wednesday afternoon at the Arter classroom we met and heard from Serkan Taycan, artist whose work focuses on large water bodies, and who developed the walking project, tracing the yet unbuilt shipping channel to connect the Black Sea with the Marmara Sea. Students meanwhile completed their projects at the various workshops. They go on to present their projects Thursday afternoon at the Arter classroom, during the publically announced session. At the end of the day’s final review session the groups document their work and placed them around the Arter space. The website features the full Workshop Report, and separate tabs on each of the 4 participating groups in the workshop. Video documentation of the final review is uploaded on the R-Lab video archive tab




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