– Fargfabriken: BLOOM OUT BLOW OUT=Finnisage for Symbiosis’ last day: Listen Workshop

What does nature mean to you and how is nature shaped by art? The project Listen offers an artistic meeting with August Prize winner Emma Adbåge about the book Nature, Anja Örn from the artists’ collective Norrakollektivet about mining expansions and the interdisciplinary artist group Marvels & Catastrophes which maps how nature is reminded of demolition and dust clouds in the big city.

Photo Färgfabriken

11-13: Bloom out Blow up
workshops and talks with Marvels & Catastrophes.
Drop in. Fri entrance.

Photo Färgfabriken
Photo Färgfabriken

The artist collective Marvels and Catastrophes returns to Fargfabriken for a day of spatial investigations, research and workshops. This is a thematic event where the group invites you to join them and explore a vertical timeline for the ecology of the city building: from historic gardens, flora and landscape, “subnature” and vague terrain to demolition and dust clouds.

The workshops and the joint research are ongoing all the time  you are welcome to come as you are and stay as long as you want.

Marvels and Catastrophes offers several activities such as: An alternative reading of the flora where you can find out what a revolutionary and feminist flower you are; a printing process-based demolition workshop; participatory research on Lövholmen’s historical timeline, its character and building development as well as an interactive visual experience of the Swedish landscape, gravity and dust clouds.

Collective members who participate are: Sofia Larsson, Ana Barata Martins, Gerda Persson and Bo Pilo.

Also: Short films for Listening by Andres Villareal and Peter Lang

Photo Färgfabriken

photo by Sofia Larsson
photo by Sofia Larsson
photo by Sofia Larsson

14-15: Artist presentations and talks, moderated by Daniel Urey, Färgfabriken:

– Norrakollektivet, En plass försvinnande
– Emma AdBåge, based on her latest book Naturen.
– Panel discussion with Norrakollektivet and Emma Adbåge.

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