The Observer: Will I have existed?

The crack appeared a few years ago, and has been creeping towards the town of Kiruna ever since. “The mines are underneath us,” says Göran Cars. It’s early afternoon but the sun is already setting behind the mountain, colouring the clouds and outlining the town’s most prominent feature: two huge smokestacks. “And you can seeContinue reading “The Observer: Will I have existed?”

Moderna Museet: With the Future Behind Us.

Listen It’s finally here again. Curated by Joa Ljungberg and Santiago Mostyn, the 2018 edition of The Moderna Exhibition presents the work of nearly forty artists connected to the Swedish art scene, offering both sober and intimate reflections on Swedish society today, on a natural world that is no longer what it once was, andContinue reading “Moderna Museet: With the Future Behind Us.”

BBC: One Simple Reason we aren’t acting faster on climate change.

By Diego Arguedas Ortiz 19 November 2018 We’ve all seen how powerful images can make abstract crises feel concrete. Think of the photographs of a Chinese man blocking a column of tanks a day after the Tiananmen Square massacre, a naked Vietnamese girl fleeing from napalm in 1972 or of 7-year-old Amal Hussain wasting awayContinue reading “BBC: One Simple Reason we aren’t acting faster on climate change.”

NYT: ‘Like a Terror Movie’: How Climate Change Will Cause More Simultaneous Disasters

A seaside neighborhood in Mexico Beach, Fla., devastated by Hurricane Michael this year.CreditScott Olson/Getty Images ImageA seaside neighborhood in Mexico Beach, Fla., devastated by Hurricane Michael this year. CreditCreditScott Olson/Getty Images By John Schwartz Nov. 19, 2018 Want climate news in your inbox? Sign up here for Climate Fwd:, our email newsletter. Global warming is posing such wide-ranging risksContinue reading “NYT: ‘Like a Terror Movie’: How Climate Change Will Cause More Simultaneous Disasters”

Stroom, Den Haag: Repairing Earthquake

Nishiko: Repairing Earthquake Project 18 November 2018 – 27 January 2019 Opening: Saturday 17 November, 17 hrs by Minister Yoshiko Ina Kijima of the Embassy of Japan in The Hague (vice ambassador) Join facebook event Location: Hogewal 1-9, The Hague Open: Wednesday-Sunday, 12-17 hrs Stroom School: Rising Waters Public program accompanying the exhibition, including theContinue reading “Stroom, Den Haag: Repairing Earthquake”

WORKSHOP REPORT: upside down in Istanbul.

FROM THE OFFICIAL A SCHOOL OF SCHOOLS DESIGN BIENNIAL WEBSITE: The Art of Disaster Interrupted Workshop focuses on Istanbul and how the city reacts to the unpredictable, the improvised and the unprecedented events that are commonplace in this age of general uncertainty.  The workshop, produced for the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial –A School of Schools and the Royal InstituteContinue reading “WORKSHOP REPORT: upside down in Istanbul.”

Report from the Istanbul Design Biennial #-3

October 17, 2018. Serkan Taycan presents in the Earth School at Arter, Between Two Seas, a project on the controversial canal to connect the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea. Some random scenes from the day’s workshops across the Sishane neighbourhood. An evening dinner at the famed Koço Restaurant in Kadiköy with Artin, the masterContinue reading “Report from the Istanbul Design Biennial #-3”

Report from the Istanbul Design Biennial #-2

Tuesday 16 October: Ayse Erek  from Kadir Has University of Art and Design presenting an overview of Istanbul’s art scene with particular attention to the work of Gülsün  Karamustafa. Ayse invited the artist Emre Huner to join us for the morning session to present his photographic research on greater Istanbul. After lunch, I (Peter Lang)Continue reading “Report from the Istanbul Design Biennial #-2”

Report from the Istanbul Design Biennial #1

Cats in Istanbul. Morning session Monday 15 October, at the Earth School in Arter. with Asli Kiyak presenting her artisan projects in Sishane: followed by her tour of the neighbourhood workshops:   Mustafa’s woodshop, Ismail’s wood turning shop, Master Artin’s metal shop. Concluding session, after lunch, with preliminary group discussions  at  Cafe Gundogdu, Galata Tower.

Guardian: Huge risk if global warming exceeds 1.5C, warns landmark UN report

  The world’s leading climate scientists have warned there is only a dozen years for global warming to be kept to a maximum of 1.5C, beyond which even half a degree will significantly worsen the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people. The authors of the landmark reportContinue reading “Guardian: Huge risk if global warming exceeds 1.5C, warns landmark UN report”